Nantong haizhiwei Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, the company specialized in laver industry. Now it has more than 7000 acres of marine breeding base, a modern laver rearing room, a primary processing plant and a two processing plant. Formed from the seaweed product research and development, marine breeding to laver once, two times processing, sales of complete industrial chain.
The company has modern Japanese laver processing machine 5 sets of professional production and processing machine, hand rolled sushi sushi sushi rice and vegetable roll machine, sandwich triangle seaweed processing machine. The main production of natural nutritious food to seaweed as raw material. Products include a variety of roasted seaweed flavor, nori laver, sesame, seaweed, seaweed, buckwheat sandwich almond seaweed, seaweed silk and seaweed powder series products. Products are mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, the European Union and Southeast Asia and other more than 40 countries and domestic coastal large and medium-sized cities.
Since the establishment of the company, food safety and health has been placed in an important position, over the years has been on the credibility of the article, in the quality of effort. Up to now, the company has successfully passed the "ISO9001 international quality system certification", and won the "Nantong brand products", "Nantong famous trademark", "Jiangsu pollution-free agricultural products" and other titles.

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